Our Team

We have over 55 years experience in Animation and VFX

Our team has won Emmys, Academy Awards, and contributed to many of the blockbuster films you know and love.

Aaron Estrada
Founder & CEO

20 year Veteran of VFX and animation. Former CTO and VFX Supervisor for boutique feature VFX studio Pivot VFX. To date, has built three VFX/animation pipelines and used countless others on feature and TV production. Previous employers include Dreamworks Animation, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Rhythm and Hues, Nickelodeon and Sony Development. Having worked the first ten years of his career as a generalist, Aaron is well versed in all stages of C.G. production.

Ethan Estrada
Founder & CTO

Studied Animation and Computer Science in Brigham Young University's multi-award winning Center for Animation. Cut his teeth supporting Linux at Novell, where he learned first hand the importance of staying connected with clients. A Houdini and Linux expert, Ethan previously worked as Pipeline TD (and occasional FX TD) at a small VFX shop in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. When he has the time, he enjoys practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Elizabeth Benard
Software Engineer

Holds a BS in Computer Science with an emphasis in Animation from Brigham Young University. After graduation she has worked as a VFX artist and Pipeline Technical Director. Her special skills involve being a super VFX ninja!

Jared Tarbell

Jared holds a BS in Computer Science from New Mexico State University. Co-founder of Etsy. Creator of beautiful computational artifacts. All around great guy.

Greg Ercolano
Technical Advisor

A technical wizard, Greg has won a Technical Academy Award for the render farm queue "Rush", which is used at companies such as Blue Sky Studios and Zoic Studios. Owner of Seriss Corporation.